Corporate ESL/ ESOL Training Solutions

The ability to communicate effectively in English is a prerequisite for business success. Are key individuals not reaching their full potential due to communication or cultural issues? Are language barriers among your employees causing frustration and negatively impacting your bottom line? Impact-e can help!



SPECIALIZED - Training content is customized to your needs.
MEASURABLE - Assessments and reports document progress.
ACTIVE - Participation and interaction are key to a rapid learning progress.
REALISTIC - The training is state of the art and based on real-life situations.
TIMESAVING - Participants focus on necessary language skills and learning techniques.

We provide Corporate ESL Solutions, One-On-One Training, Presentations, Seminars, Workshops and Customized Material. Please read the following information for more details or contact us for more information and a free initial consultation at


Groton Inn and Suites was pleased to partake in the Spanish to English program and found it benefical as an employeer for communication with the staff and we have found the staff appreciative with the personal touch it gave them for speaking English not only at work but in their personal lives. I would highly recommend this program to any employer. The flexibility of the program and how it can be adjusted to any corporate setting makes it an ideal program. - Nancie Keenan, General Manager


Does your company need a cohesive, ongoing ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) solution? Impact-e can help!
We customize ESOL solutions for clients based on their unique needs. Our professional staff helps you analyze how communication issues are impacting your business at every level. We evaluate, coordinate and support your ESL offerings so that you maximize the results of your present training programs and use local resources to the best advantage. Working closely with you we develop creative solutions to meet your long-term needs and maximize your return on investment. We develop programs and materials specific to your corporate communication needs and provide training solutions that impact your business success.


Do you have one manager or supervisor in need of intensive assistance? Impact-e can help!
We create specialized coaching solutions tailored to their individual needs. Instruction focuses on communication and business skills and is customized to the participant. Sessions may include meeting participation, pronunciation skills, business writing, scientific reports, presentations, performance reviews, customer service and many other skills and subjects. Prices vary depending on location, length and content. Intensive programs can be provided anywhere. Hourly programs are available in Southeastern Connecticut.


Do you need an informative, energetic and entertaining presentation? Impact-e can help!
Having taught English as a second language and business skills to hundreds of internationalprofessionals since 1992, Lynnea Mahlke is very attuned to the needs of both sides for business as well as social interaction and communication. She has consolidated a lot of what she's learned in over fifteen years of international experience into various presentations. Click here for descriptions If these sound like the type of presentations that would fit well into your program schedule, please let us know. Lynnea’d be delighted to speak before your group.


Would you like to empower your ESOL managers? Impact-e can help!
We provide innovative, high-level English seminars for international professionals. Successful English communication and strong business skills are the goals for these intensive programs that combine management and ESOL training. Content is tailored to your specific needs and may include presentations, meetings, negotiations, selling, pronunciation, intercultural awareness, American business etiquette, business writing, and many other subjects. Click here for some example programs.


Would you like employees to improve specific skills or be prepared for certain situations? Impact-e can help!
Our 3 - 4 hour workshops focus on business skills or situations and are customized to your corporate needs. Subjects include making a strong first impression, mastering English small talk, interacting with customers, communicating clearly on the phone, participating in meetings, preparing for performance reviews, handling complaints, etc. Workshops can be customized to enable participants to understand more in important meetings, conferences and training sessions. With proper preparation, communication issues decrease. Employees gain confidence and their participation and retention increase.


Would your employees benefit from training material designed specifically for your company? Impact-e can help!
Working closely with you, we develop materials specific to your company's needs. Customized training books, online learning or CDs may be included in our corporate ESL programs. CDs may be ordered separately from training programs, but there is a minimum order requirement. A customized CD is an easy way to provide employees with useful, company-specific phrases and vocabulary. Click here to see the insert for a recent CD for hotel housekeeping staff at Groton Inn & Suites.


Contact us for more information or a free initial consultation at