Here's what participants say about our programs

"Communication is crucial for everyone. Not until I attended Impact-e classes, did I realize that there are really many ways we can improve our English skills. In the past, I found myself either too busy or unaware of my weaknesses. Often I give myself excuses simply because I've got enough ability to bypass certain mistakes and because people can still understand me.
When I participated in Impact-e English Training classes, especially the one-to-one sessions, I really found it benefited me in all of the following areas:
o Receiving personal attention
o Conversation practice with on spot English and pronunciation correction
o Working closely with writing pieces
o Tips and hints on how to improve English through daily routines while not impacting my busy schedule.
I am glad that I found the right class that suits my needs. Now I’ve recognized my problems and am aware of those areas that I have difficulties with. With the information and references I received from the class, I feel more confident that my communication skills will be more effective. Thanks Lynnea"

- Testimonial from Lily Tong, Sr. Professional at Pfizer:


"I would like to express my gratitude for Lynnea’s help during this training.  Being an “English as the second language” speaker,  I am always lacking the confidence to present in public. I assumed that the good presenter always had to be excellent in English. Of course, it is necessary to have decent English in order to be a good presenter. The most useful technique I have learned is to practice "3 P".  By preparing my introduction and practicing numerous times, my confidence in front of audiences improved dramatically.  Now I can be myself, concentrate on my content, slow down and deliver a clearer message.  I can name a few other techniques, which also help improve my overall English skills, including getting involved in small talk in the group and building up my stories to engage different topics.
I finally start to pay attention to grammar, finishing my sentences, and correcting some pronunciation.  My improvement is very noticeable to my colleagues, my supervisor, and other senior directors.
Overall, I have to say this English training is an excellent choice for someone who is not a native English speaker and wants to improve their English skills. I benefited significantly from the positive motivation and simple, yet very effective techniques."
- Wenfeng Miao M.D., Ph.D.  Regional Medical Liaison for Sanofi Aventis


"Working with Lynnea, I understood the pronunciation for many words, especially the difference between "W" and "V". Lynnea practiced with me
difficult words and also helped me develop a system to continue practicing after our 10 week session was over. Lynnea also coached me for oral presentation, mind mapping, and telecom communication.
Lynnea is an excellent coach. In spite of not having a scientific
background she was able to successfully coach me. Lynnea was never intimidated by the large scientific words and was able to teach me the
skills needed to overcome my limitations. She pays very close attention to your limitations and suggests a system to tackle the limitation. If one system does not work she'll suggest another one.
I highly recommend Pfizer scientists and others to work with Lynnea to develop various skills that are needed to become an excellent communicator."
- Neeta Fahey, Imaging Technology Operations Expert, Pfizer

"Groton Inn and Suites was pleased to partake in the Spanish to English program and found it benefical as an employeer for communication with the staff and we have found the staff appreciative with the personal touch it gave them for speaking English not only at work but in their personal lives. I would highly recommend this program to any employer. The flexibility of the program and how it can be adjusted to any corporate setting makes it an ideal program."
- Nancie Keenan, General Manager of Groton Inn & Suites

"Lynnea Mahlke is one of the best English teachers I've ever had.  She is very professional and flexible.  She has provided me with very practical and helpful training that has improved my job efficiency greatly."
- Yangzhen Ciringh, Senior Principal Scientist at Pfizer. Participant in One-On-One English coaching.
"Impact-e's courses are really brilliant. Thanks to the very kind and smart professional coach,  Lynnea Mahlke, and small groups of students, studying is easy and in depth, with much time for conversation. As a result, I not only have improved my English, but also my understanding of Americans’ culture and mentality."
- Viktor Ivanov, BSEE, MSE, engineer from Lithuania. Participant in Accent Reduction and Presentation Skills Courses

" It was a great experience for me to attend the course. This was by far the most cost-effective professional training I ever had."
- Manuel Duval
from France. Pfizer

"The classes were useful and helpful for my life and job. I thought conversation and grammar were very complex, but Lynnea Mahlke's summary made it simple."
- Xuejin (Sherry) Xie from China. Pfizer.

"This was just what I have been looking for. It has helped me to express myself in English. I can control the sound of my voice better so that my English sounds more understandable."
- Andrea Persoglia from Argentina. Clinton Nurseries.

"The course content is very relevant. Discussing common topics helps overcome the fear of using the language. Grammar, although being taught directly, is used with exercises from the students themselves; this engages the student to process and learn with ease."
- Cris Aguilar from Peru. Foxwoods.

"I liked going to class because it was different from the typical school class - small groups, everybody had the chance to talk and be involved."
- Tanja Hoeftberger from Austria. Au Pair in America.

"To be speaking and in the same time feeling the safety of being supported by a teacher is very helpful. The most important thing in perfecting my English is that it gives me self-confidence and a better understanding of American culture, laws, business, etc."
- Irena Witelus from Poland. Entrepreneur.

"What really impressed me was how all the participants, regardless of their skill level, were integrated during the seminar. I think everybody, from intermediate to advanced learner, received a boost of their language skills."
- Christian Bartsch from Germany. Commerzbank.

"The trainer was very excellent. The most valuable things I learned were speaking, writing and grammar."
- Trang Ly from Vietnam. Foxwoods.