Over the years many people have asked for copies of our training CDs, flash cards, instructional activities, etc. Until now this material has only been available to participants and employees of Impact-e. Due to the number of requests, we've decided to try having an online store for some of our material.  At the present time the following material is for sale. 

Housekeeping English I for Spanish Speakers
Inglés I para Recamareras de habla hispana

Housekeeping English I, a book and 2 CD learning system, has been created to help people who work in housekeeping and don’t speak English as their first language.
Housekeeping English I es un sistema de aprendizaje compuesto por un libro y dos CD que ha sido creado para ayudar a las personas que ofrecen servicios domésticos cuya lengua materna no es el inglés.

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CDs for companies Working closely with you, we develop CDs that are customized to your company's and employees' needs. A customized CD is an easy way to provide employees with useful, company-specific phrases and vocabulary. If your employees would benefit from training material designed specifically for them, please click here for more information or contact us at
Customized Vocabulary CDs If you would like a CD with 50 vocabulary words that are chosen by you, please download our Customized Vocabulary CD Order Form. Once you've completed the form and emailed it back to us, we will create your CD with the chosen vocabulary and their example sentences. The cost is $20 plus shipping and handling.
Flash Cards 
Irregular Verbs

Irregular verbs do not make the past tense or the past participle by just adding -d or -ed, so they have to be learnt. Click on the title to purchase flash cards for 110 irregular verbs. You might also want to read the article about vocabulary training cards.

Verbs Followed by Other Verbs

In English there are certain structures that are used when verbs follow verbs. A verb may be followed by a gerund, infinitive, subjunctive, preoposition, etc. The first verb determines the form of the second verb. This is why we say "I enjoy working here." and "I would like to work here." Click on the title to purchase flash cards for 97 verbs and the structures that are usually used with them.

Instructional Activites 
Debate Topic Cards A PDF file that can be printed on 3x5 index cards. The file contain 76 cards with topics for debates, such as "animal rights" and "alternative medicine". The cards can be used for practicing debates or just conversation (for example while practicing agreeing and disagreeing) in class.
Discussion Question Cards A PDF file that can be printed on 3x5 index cards. The file contain 55 cards with discussion questions, such as "Why did you choose your field of work?" or "How are businesses in your country financed and how does this affect their operation?" There are a variety of business-related questions that can be used to start discussions in class. Ask them yourself, have people pick a card and answer it, or give one card to each person and have them ask each other.
Online Learning
Free material online has a lot of online learning that is free to use. Many of our grammar explanations and exercises, for example, can be easily accessed and used to review and practice English. Contact us for more information.
Customized online learning Create an online learning web-page. Choose from over 100 subjects and a wide variety of grammar exercises. Prices vary. Contact us for more information.

Please let us know if there is other material you're interested in or if your company would like some customized material. Click here to send an email now.