Example Five-Day Seminar


  • Communication Skills Training
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Teambuilding
  • Interactive Teambuilding Activity
Day 1
  • Overview & Introductions (1TU)
  • Individual English Evaluations (2 TU)
  • Making a Strong First Impression & Creating Rapport (2TU)
  • The Art of Clear Communication (1 TU)
  • Verbal Advantage - using tone, volume and pacing (1TU)
  • Communication Practice (3 TU)
Day 2
  • Your Presenting Presence (2TU)
  • The Planning Process (2TU)
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Used in Presentations (2TU)
  • Setting the Stage (1TU)
  • Audience awareness and interaction (1TU)
  • Presentation Brainstorming (2TU)
Day 3
  • Nonverbal Communication Skills Training (body language, gestures, etc.) (1TU)
  • The Feedback Format - Giving constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement in a supportive setting (1TU)
  • Presentation Practice (6TU)
    • Each participant gives a ten minute presentation.
    • Presentations are videotaped for feedback
  • Conversation Preparation & Practice: Teamwork (2 TU)
Day 4
  • Action Learning - Interactive Teambuilding. The group is introduced to a series of interactive initiatives that focus around teambuilding, camaraderie, communication skills building, action planning and team goal setting. Throughout the day they share insights from these activities and relate them to the work environment. We focus on their ability to work as a team, while strengthening the relationship between each of the team members. (@ 8 hours)
Day 5
  • Communication Skills Training (2 TU)
  • Presentation Practice (6TU)
  • The Continuing Learning Process & Feedback (2TU)

  • Training Units: 40 (A training unit is 45 minutes. 40 TU = 30 full hours)
  • Activity: 1 (approximately 8 hours)
  • Location: Southeastern Connecticut
  • Facilities: Programs are run at training hotels or corporate training centers with conference facilities
  • Group size: Maximum 8 people (Larger groups can be accommodated with additional trainers.)
  • Cost: $10,000 for up to eight participants (This price is for program only and does not include travel or room and board.)
  • Contact us by mail: Impact-e English Training 169 Upper Pattagansett Road East Lyme, CT 06333 USA
    By Email: administration@impact-english.com