Example Four-Day Seminar


  • English Communication Skills
  • Sales Training
  • Negotiations
Day 1
  • Overview & Introductions (1TU)
  • Individual English evaluations (2TU)
  • Making a strong first impression & creating rapport (2TU)
  • The art of clear communication (1TU)
  • Grammar and vocabulary used in selling and negotiations (4TU)
Day 2
  • Selling techniques (1TU)
  • Identifying customers and understanding buyer behavior (2TU)
  • The planning process (2TU)
  • Telephoning: Planning, getting appointments, qualifying prospects (2TU)
  • Initial contact role plays (3TU)
Day 3
  • Effective listening: Understanding the barriers to listening, keys to effective listening (2TU)
  • The sales process: The greeting, getting attention and gaining interest, discovering needs, presenting solutions, handling objections, recognizing buying signals, closing techniques, reinforcing the sale (3TU)
  • Negotiations (2TU)
  • Negotiation role plays (3TU)
Day 4
  • Identifying your selling style (2TU)
  • Selling role plays (6TU)
  • The continuing learning process & feedback (2TU)

  • Training Units: 40 (A training unit is 45 minutes. 40 TU = 30 full hours)
  • Facilities: Programs are run at training hotels or corporate training centers with conference facilities
  • Group size: Maximum 8 people (Larger groups can be accommodated with additional trainers.)
  • Cost: $ 8,000 for up to eight participants (This price is for program only and does not include travel or room and board.)
  • Contact us by mail: Impact-e English Training 169 Upper Pattagansett Road East Lyme, CT 06333 USA
    By Email: administration@impact-english.com