Did you know that, according to Democracy Works, the foreign-born population in the US had risen to more than 34 million by 2004, suggesting that there could be as many as 40 million immigrants in the United States by 2010?

This is one reason why intercultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills are becoming increasingly important. In order to work and live together harmoniously we need to be able to communicate well with each other and most of us now have international interaction locally on a daily basis.

Having taught English as a second language and business skills to hundreds of international professionals since 1992, I am very attuned to the needs of both sides for business as well as social interaction and communication. I have consolidated a lot of what I've learned in over fifteen years of international experience into various presentations, three of which are listed here: Improving Intercultural Communication, How to Improve Your English and Cross-Cultural Communication for Realtors.

I’d be delighted to speak before your group. Please email ( so we can discuss details and set a date. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


On behalf of the Women’s Network of Southeastern Connecticut, I want to thank you for your excellent and content rich presentation to our membership at our March 2007 luncheon meeting. Your talk on “Bridging the Local International Gap” was a great success with our membership.

Your knowledge of the challenges and opportunities to be found in the area of communication with the international community is valuable to the ambassador of goodwill within each of us, both personally and professionally. You expanded our vision, clarified our thoughts, invoked good questions, and inspired constructive thinking as it relates to what we can accomplish through being aware of communication as it relates to this very important topic. Your material was on-target and well organized to facilitate our Network’s intention to expand communication within the growin g diversity of our international community.

The information you presented was timely, pertinent and most entertaining – well tailored to our membership’s interests and needs. As a presenter you are exactly what an organization such as ours needs to guarantee great attendance at each of our monthly meetings. You are dynamic, easy to listen to and follow. You have a gift for reaching out and touching your audience with clear, informative points of interest and light-hearted anecdotes.

You made me proud to have chosen you to speak to our organization.

Jill G. Adams
V.P. Southeaster CT Women’s Network


Do you have international employees or customers? Have you experienced language or cultural barriers and would like to improve your ability to communicate with these individuals? Impact-e can help!
This presentation covers:

  • Tips for communicating to connect with speakers of other languages
  • Intercultural awareness – dealing with cultural differences
  • Ways to support cross-cultural communication in your organization

Do you have a number of foreign-born employees or members who would like to communicate better in English? Would they benefit from useful information about the English language and effective learning techniques? Impact-e can help!
This presentation covers:

  • The art of clear communication
  • Grammar essentials for non-native English speakers
  • Vocabulary building tools
  • Conversation skills and preparation techniques
  • Identifying and using your resources

Do your realtors have international clients? Would they like to tap into this growing market? Impact-e can help!
This presentation covers:

  • Overview of the growing international market
  • Tips for communicating to connect with speakers of other languages
  • Intercultural awareness – dealing with cultural differences
  • Ideas and suggestions for people working in real estate


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